OPENING FALL 2017: Fretboard Brewing Company

Fretboard Brewing Company


  At Fretboard, we aspire to create something new, that inspires and excites. The beer we create start with a carefully perfected recipe, but then Fretboard pushes a little further.  We finish each batch in a drum that hums at just the right frequency to tease out the crisp flavor of the hops and balance the warmth of toasted grains. 

Then we serve it at a perfect 38 ̊  so you can taste every note.  

Musicians & Craftsman


  We are musicians and craftsman of fine malted and hopped beverages. Why does that matter? Because we pour every ounce of our passion and dedication into the craft of making beer. We know the difference between a good beer and a great beer is ‘one more time’. One more rehearsal, one more intimate show in front of your closest friends and biggest critics to tease out the real potential. 

All that hard work pays off when you finally debut in front of a crowded room. 

Making Beer with Soul


  We serve the beer you think about long after it’s taste has left your palate, longing for the next time you get to savor its beauty. It replays on your tongue like a favorite song you hum all day long. And like music, it’s best shared with friends first, and then perhaps replayed again and again. 

We can’t wait to share our favorite brews with you. We’re pretty sure they’ll be hits.  

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