Internally, we are currently revamping how we book performances. Just a heads up but you may not get immediate communication from us regarding your submission. Booking music at our location is not a full-time job and it takes time for our team to put together a program of music. We don’t book everyone! We’re sorry if it doesn’t happen for you. Our committee looks at your presence on social media. They take into consideration how much you promote yourselves, where you perform and the quality of your content you post and also how many “likes” you have on your page. We LOVE original material. Come to Open Mic on Wednesdays! It’s also a great way to show off your chops to Tyler Carson who is managing open mic. Our team gets direct feedback from Tyler as well as the bar managers. We’ve booked many of our shows based on feedback from Open Mic. Come check it out! Thanks for your inquiry!
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