​​​​​​​Smoked Out Cincy
Smoked Out Cincy specializes in barbecue meats – smoked right inside our very own kitchen located in the taproom. From chicken and pork to brisket, Smoked Out Cincy has some of the most delicious bites we’ve ever consumed. Our walk-up window will provide you with quick service and a down-home feast that pairs well with our Fretboard brews. If you come and just want a little something-something, then try their bar bites or fries, they’re a Fretboard employee favorite! If the locals like it – then they must be good!
What type of food do you have there?
Food is available for purchase from the Smoked Out Cincy window inside the facility near the stage. Smoked Out Cincy is our restaurant partner and a fully equipped restaurant that specializes in smoked barbecue. The meat is smoked within the facility and all entrees and appetizers are made from scratch. Smoked Out Cincy also provides catering for our private events as well as events outside of the facility and can supply additional styles of cuisine upon request.
Because Smoked Out Cincy is a separate business, patrons are only able to order at the window. Carry Out is available but in person only. No call-in orders please. Smoked Out Cincy closes their window one hour prior to Fretboard closing hours (accept for Sunday). Food specials are run on occasion and only available in limited quantities.
Can I bring in outside food anyway?
Outside food is not permitted within the taproom. Third party catering is permitted within the private party space during party rentals and must be arranged with our private event team. Third party catering is not permitted in the taproom. Cakes, desserts, cookies and other sweets are permitted in the taproom. If you are having a birthday party and would like to bring a cake or cookies, not a problem.
Seating and Private Party Rentals
Can we reserve a table?
Seating is first come first serve in the taproom. Guest are normally allowed to pull low-top tables together but please see the manager on duty should you have any questions. There is no table side service. Beverages are purchased from the main bar. Sodas are available at the Smoked Out Window. Water is available at our nearby water stations located at the main entrance and near the private event rooms toward the front of the building. High-chairs are available for parents with small children. Extra chairs are available upon request.
I have a large group and I would like to rent space. What do I do?
For guaranteed space, please see our private party page for more information. Our private events team strives to work within your budget and give you a great experience.
What type of music do you have going on in the taproom?
Live music is a part of our culture and experience in the taproom and is just as important as our product we manufacture. At Fretboard, we are manufacturing an experience like none other in town. We host live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Additionally, we host an open Mic night on Wednesdays called Warmup Wednesdays and frequently host live music events on Sundays.
On Thursdays, acoustic style music normally starts at 6pm. On Fridays and Saturday, we host full bands and music usually starts by 7 or 8pm. Please see the schedules of events in the taproom for the latest music, styles and start times.
Is there a cover charge?
Normally, there is no cover charge for our performances except for the bands that are more expensive and charge our business a higher amount to play. In those situations, either a cover charge will be assessed at the door or pre-sale tickets will be sold online. Please check our website and Facebook often for the latest events.​​​​​​​
Live Music Volume
Does it get loud there?
Yes, it absolutely can! Fretboard is a live music venue and the volume of how loud bands are varies from group to group. If you or your family are sensitive to loud music, please bring ear plugs or join us during the hours when our normal taproom music is playing over the sound system. If seating is available near our bourbon barrels, please use those tables and seats to steer clear of the direct noise. Our managers and sound engineers are trained to work with bands to keep noise levels in check. Please be aware that we always do our best to keep the music balanced and our groups sounding their best without being too loud.
Local Bands Submissions
We’re a local band. Can we play your venue?
If you are a band that would like to play at Fretboard, please email bands@fretboardbrewing.com or you are free to drop off a promo kit. Due to the very high volume of submissions it may take time to get back to you. If our music committee doesn’t think you’re a good fit, we will let you know.
Given the amount of similar types of bands that play similar songs, not all bands will be a good fit for our venue. We strive for variety and have a good working relationship with several cover bands already. That means there’s a good chance we actively book a band just like your band. Please be aware, that if we booked the same style of music every weekend, then that would defeat the purpose of variety which is at the core and spirit of a craft brewery. Please be patient, it can take some time to get a shot at playing our stage.  
Out of Town Submissions
We’re a band from out of town. Can we play your venue?
If you are a nationally touring band that is from out of town looking to play our facility while traveling through Cincinnati, we'd love to hear from you! It is best that you contact us as soon as possible since the dates of your show may already been filled. Please call 513-914-4677 (HOPS). To keep a variety of great shows, we do welcome & encourage out of town submissions and would be happy to hear from you.  
General Questions
Are children welcome in the taproom?
Parents are welcome to bring their children in the taproom. High-chairs are available. During your visit parents, please control your children. While kids are welcome and encouraged to play some of the games provided in the taproom. During Fridays and Saturdays when live music is playing, parents with younger children are asked to be out by 9pm. This is no exception for parents with newborns.
Should you have any questions or a special request to have children in the taproom past 9pm, please call our main line at 513-914-4677 (HOPS). All party rentals that have children are permitted to stay during the course of their rental period.
Are dogs permitted?
Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted in the taproom due to health code regulations. However, we do have an outdoor patio that you are welcome to enjoy with your pup. All dogs must be kept on a leash while outside our building. 
Can I get my growler filled?
You can bring in a 128-ounce, 64-ounce and/or a 32-ounce growler and have it filled. For the smaller size growlers that use the smaller style lids, please bring your own cap. 128-ounce growlers will be filled at double the price. The taproom also sells a variety of six-packs to-go and on occasion, single 16-ounce can barrel age stouts when available. If you do not have a glass growler, we have 32-ounce “crowlers” available to go for $10. We will fill both high-gravity and low-gravity beers for this price. Barrel age stouts are very limited and not available to go in growlers or crowlers.
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