The Creative Journey
We have an innate drive for adventure, exploration and creation. We enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. We want to explore the path not taken, the music we haven’t heard and the beer that tastes different than the masses. We’re looking to share the ride, make quality beer and music, great memories and then wait to see where we end up.
Friends, Family & Community
We’re Cincy born and raised, and have shared our lives together through good times and tough going. We’re relentlessly dedicated to the friends, family and community we love and cherish, and look to support causes that are important to all three.
Personal Passion
We’re real people. Your everyday, average craft-beer lovers that just happened to follow a dream with a few of their buddies. We’re passionate about beer… and music… and sharing them with those we love and anyone else that loves them too. We hope to share, explore and grow alongside of everyone we meet.
Meet the FBC Family
Did you ever want to have a delicious craft beer in a brewery where music is as core to your experience as the beverage itself?  We did.
At Fretboard Brewing, we are excited to give our guests the opportunity to integrate with the process of the creative journey.  This journey is a voyage that all artists take while working an age-old craft and talent. Whether delivering a finished product deemed worthy of consumption or experimenting with sounds and riffs, there are often moments of brilliance and sheer magic only the musician experiences. Often the material is never heard, seen or had been intended for anyone to hear in the first place.  But it’s these times, when music is made in its purest and rawest form, straight from the tap.
Our goal and mission at Fretboard Brewing is to provide a unique way to be a part of an experience with our video and audio integrated creation spaces.  The spaces will host artists to create, teach, rehearse and perfect their craft; all while giving our customers access to their journey at the artist’s discretion.  We developed a, by choice, on demand system for both the artists and our customers that enables taproom patrons to watch and hear what is being developed by artists in our creation spaces.
Want to just sit and have a beer?  No problem, the choice is yours – come with some friends and enjoy our delicious craft beer. We poured our hearts in our product and believe its worthy of attention itself. But want to dig a little deeper and submerse yourself in a raw musical creative journey while enjoying that delicious craft beer?  FANTASTIC –We do too!  Artists who come to perform in our spaces and on our performance stage are pouring their hearts into their product, too.
Come in, grab a pint and a pair of headphones at our listening station and check out who’s who, in the creation spaces. We believe that the exploration of beers and the exploration of music are not mutually exclusive.  They are a marriage of complete bliss and we can’t wait for you to come discover both with us!
Happy Jamming!
Jim, Brad, Joe, and Kevin
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