One More Time, On Three...
At Fretboard, we aspire to create something new, that inspires and excites. The beer we create starts with a carefully perfected recipe, but then we push a little further. We finish each batch in a drum that hums at just the right frequency to tease out the crisp flavor of the hops and balance the warmth of toasted grains. Then we serve it at a perfect 38º so you can taste every note.
We are musicians and craftsman of fine malted and hopped beverages. Why does that matter? Because we pour every ounce of our passion and dedication into the craft of making beer. We know the difference between a good beer and a great beer is ‘one more time’.
Now serving a limited wine menu for non-beer drinkers and as a gluten-free option. Please ask our wonderful bartenders when you arrive in the taproom.
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